“The first time that I encountered Michelle was when I was working as a courtroom sketch artist, and the Crown Attorney, Michelle Foxton, walked up to the podium. I have sketched numerous lawyers, judges, clerks, etc. but Michelle left quite an impression with her forceful and intelligent oratory. It was not for a few years that I met Michelle on a personal level, then in the capacity as my lawyer. Michelle impressed me that first encounter many years ago, and still impresses me today with her integrity, drive, empathy, confidence, compassion, and impressive work ethic. We desperately need a representative in our riding that will be able to balance the various requirements and wants of the people, while committing to our children’s future in fighting to prevent further climate change, to promote by education and grant provisions better farming practices, and to advance our ridings needs to the highest level of government.”

– Joanne Gervais
Glenburnie, Ontario

“I was delighted to hear that Michelle Foxton had decided to run again in Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston (LFK). I believe that she has the integrity, intelligence and energy to be an active and respected Member of Parliament for this riding – well equipped to ensure that LFK is always at the table! She is values-based, she listens and she has worked very hard to understand the issues that face rural and urban constituents in all corners of the riding.”

– Judith Marsh
Almonte, Ontario

“We met Michelle during the last election and we’re impressed. Michelle is smart, ambitious, articulate and she has taken the time to learn about issues in this riding. Just the kind of MP we need!”

– Andrew Brown
Almonte, Ontario

“We need a woman’s perspective and work ethic in this riding and she is the woman for the job!”

– Glenna Brown
Almonte, Ontario

“Michelle has the knowledge, dedication, and the enthusiasm to be a great Member of Parliament for Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston. She is an active member of the riding with a focussed interest in building sustainable prosperity across the region. She is very personable and also very well versed in the workings of government and politics.”

– Lorne Heslop
Almonte, Ontario

“Michelle Foxton is a GREAT candidate. Grounded and smart with a big heart. Just what this riding needs. She has my vote.”

– Linda Manzer
Canadian Luthier
Officer of the Order of Canada

Almonte, Ontario

“Although I have only known Michelle for a few years, I was instantly impressed by her friendly enthusiasm and desire to work for LFK. She is aware of the challenges ahead and has a comprehensive grasp of the issues concerning the residents of LFK and I am totally convinced she will do her utmost to serve all of LFK.”

– Phil Wood
Almonte, Ontario

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