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Show your support by helping me spread the word about my campaign to be your next Liberal MP for Lanark–Frontenac. Here is some content and electronic resources you can use to share a message with your network of family, friends and neighbours.

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About Me – The Quick Version

  • I’m a life-long resident of Lanark–Frontenac and I currently live in Hartington with my husband, Wade Leonard, and our two sons.
  • I was a former municipal councillor in South Frontenac Township.
  • Both Wade and I come from strong political backgrounds. My father was a municipal Councillor, Deputy Reeve, and Reeve of South Frontenac Township, and served as Warden of Frontenac County. Wade’s grandfather also served on council and as Warden of Frontenac County.
  • I am a lawyer and I currently run a small business, a general law practice serving the residents of Kingston and the surrounding areas.
  • I served on the board of directors for the Fort Henry Guard Club of Canada. I also served as president of the Fort Henry Guard Foundation.
  • In 1993, I became the first female Guard since the formation of the Fort Henry Guard by Ronald L. Way in 1938.

Did You Know?

  • Michelle enjoys playing hockey and while in University she played goal tender for an intramural team as well as for the Windsor men’s Law team during practices, which earned her a team jersey.
  • Michelle and Wade enjoy weekend hikes and like to travel the riding to different hiking locations.
  • Michelle is an avid reader and movie goer who enjoys all types of genres, but especially mysteries.

Why I’m Running – The Quick Version

I love our rural way of life, and I want to see it preserved so our communities can grow, thrive and prosper for future generations to come. The only way to achieve this is to ensure we get our fair share from the federal government. For this to happen, we need strong rural voices at the table. That’s why, as your future MP, I am committed to advocating for:

  • Protecting our environment – ensuring the urgency of our climate situation is not only addressed but also prioritized in Parliament. We must act swiftly and decisively to protect our only planet for future generations.
  • Making affordable and reliable internet a reality – continuing to lobby for affordable, high speed internet which is so vital for our small businesses, tourist industry, work, education, health care, finances and staying connected.
  • Protecting our farmers and farmland – safeguarding the backbone of our rural economy and our food supply while lobbying for more abattoirs.
  • Making life more affordable – reducing the cost of living by investing in affordable housing, supporting a livable wage and a basic income, all of which helps to provide a foundation for an affordable future.
  • Supporting our seniors – addressing their needs and providing the assistance they deserve in their own homes.
  • Building community-based healthcare – ensuring our rural communities have the same access to doctors and nurses that those in cities do, so that healthcare is accessible and effective for everyone. 
  • Assisting with the high cost of infrastructure in rural areas – supporting our municipalities by investing in our communities and their futures.
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