Why I’m Running

Rural ridings like Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston are the front porches of Canada. They’re where neighbours talk and support one another, where families gather and friends help each other out. They are places where families settle down and towns folk grow old together. They’re places where politicians are one of us and aren’t so busy they can’t stop by for a cup of coffee or a beer.  

I’m seeking the nomination to be the next Liberal candidate for the federal riding of Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston because this riding is my home and I want to see it treated fairly and not taken for granted. Our riding deserves a Member of Parliament who actively listens and always has time to sit down with residents and hear their concerns. LFK deserves more than a part-time, career politician. It deserves someone who cares enough to ask what the needs of residents are and then to fight for them; to give residents the respect and dedication they deserve. 

Michelle interviewed by CPAC at the Liberal National Convention on May 6, 2023. Interview starts at 10:04.

I’m running for office because I am the best person for the job. I may be an underdog, but I am not a fence post. I know how to get things done. My municipal and legal experience are extensive and have taught me how to connect and relate on a personal level. I have deep family roots in this riding and while I appreciate the stability that comes with keeping things the same, I also believe our residents know when they are paying for something but getting little in return. After over 20 years of the same representative, with no effective rural voice in Ottawa, I believe I can make a difference. 

My dedication to our riding is unwavering. I believe our residents deserve a fair shake in Ottawa, and I’m determined to make sure we are not overlooked. I’m committed to ensuring our government and its policies reflect the rural values we believe in, so our children don’t have to move away to make a life and a living, but can choose to work and raise their families right here at home. 

I love our rural way of life, and I want to see it preserved so our communities can grow, thrive and prosper for future generations to come. The only way to achieve this is to ensure we get our fair share from the federal government. That’s why I am committed to advocating for:

  • Protecting our environment – ensuring the urgency of our climate situation is not only addressed but also prioritized in Parliament. We must act swiftly and decisively to protect our only planet for future generations.
  • Making affordable and reliable internet a reality – continuing to lobby for affordable, high speed internet which is so vital for our small businesses, tourist industry, work, education, health care, finances and staying connected.
  • Protecting our farmers and farmland – safeguarding the backbone of our rural economy and our food supply while lobbying for more abattoirs.
  • Making life more affordable – reducing the cost of living by investing in affordable housing, supporting a livable wage and a basic income, all of which helps to provide a foundation for an affordable future.
  • Supporting our seniors – addressing their needs and providing the assistance they deserve in their own homes.
  • Building community-based healthcare – ensuring our rural communities have the same access to doctors and nurses that those in cities do, so that healthcare is accessible and effective for everyone. 
  • Assisting with the high cost of infrastructure in rural areas – supporting our municipalities by investing in our communities and their futures.

Thank you for considering me for your next Liberal candidate. With your support and vote of confidence, we can make a difference for the citizens of our riding and our great Country. Together, we can build a brighter future for all.

How You Can Support My Nomination

“I have known Michelle for more than 20 years and have had the opportunity to see many of her strengths in a variety of settings. Of particular note was her dedication and commitment to support her local community members in their protection of their rights against a development proposal that would threaten water resources. While Michelle is warm and caring, she has also shown determination to do the right thing with great attention to detail. As the new MP for Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston, I am convinced she has the resolve to support all of the people in the riding and to get things accomplished with a strong voice in Ottawa.”

– Alan Rivell
Former Councillor for the Township of South Frontenac and County of Frontenac

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